The Numodelfx Sound Unit

This device is stand alone mini speaker which can play MP3 sound files.
The sound file can be play from a Micro SD card which is inserted in the slot on the side of the unit, you can also used a Pen/Flash-drive in the USB slot.
When the unit is switched on the base will glow blue and will play the first track on the Micro SD card, if there is only one track it will continuously loop until switched off.
The sound unit has a built in re-chargeable battery which can last up to four hours when fully charge or it can be powered from any USB charging device. When the device is on charge the base will glow RED.

The size of the device 55mm high and 50mm across. So it will fit inside most Model Boats, Dolls Houses, and is easily hidden within or underneath a diorama or under a hill or inside a building on a train layout.